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We are now accepting  orders for 2015


2014 Greetings

In 2013 we harvested our largest crop of dahlias ever. We had to build more shelves to hold them all. We are now offering a lot of good dahlias at a lower cost. Also we have an overstocked list and also a wholesale list, The wholesale list requires that you buy a minimum of 10 tubers of one variety. The over stocked list requires you buy 3 or more of the same variety , We also have added quite a few more to our listing  . The storage is filled to the max with quality dahlia tubers. We normally start shipping around the end of march. If we have to ship earlier we are not responsible for the risk of freezing. Choose from over 400 of the finest dahlias in all sizes and colors at a very affordable price.  We also have the best selection of the finest gladiolas corms for show and cutflower, both large and miniature. This year we have seven new glad introductions of which two are All America selections.   Our introductions have won numerous awards at the shows and all over the world. Also we have the finest cutflowers at wholesale prices. When on the website scroll down on the homepage to find everything you need in the column on the left. We are now required to charge sales tax on all retail orders at 6.3 %. Rainbow collections  of mixed varieties of glads and dahlias are at a wholesale price. So why shop anywhere else when you can get the best in glads and dahlias at very affordable prices from us . We ship all over the world and all fields are state inspected. Certificate # 112. To ship outside the U.S. you must pay 16.00 for a phytosanitary certificate. This year I am retiring  from my job of rural carrier at the post office in July .I cant wait. I will be 62 .This will give me a lot more time to get more work done at the farm and be a lot more relaxed. I would like to thank all the people who worked for me last year. Dennis , Pat, My mom and dad, Steve ,Joan, Cy, Jay and Steve Riley my brother Roger ,Darlene , Linda , Colleen, and Colleen and Gary . And my  beautiful wife  Karen. I donít know what I would do without Karen. Our price list can be downloaded off the website at If you donít have a computer please send me a request by mail and I will print one out for you. You can pay for your order by Check ,Money order, or by Paypal with your credit card. Thank You to all the people who have ordered from us all these years and also our new customers in 2014 Happy gardening in 2014.

Thank you, 

Gary Adams


A Bad Rap

I have been growing glads now for 55 years. The one thing that bothers me the most  is when I hear people calling glads a funeral flower. In the 60s and 70s glads were the #1 cutflower, not roses, mums, Lilies. or carnations . I see just as many Roses , Mums, Carnations and Lilies at funerals then I see glads ,So why donít we call them funeral flowers. I know of no other flower that has as many colors as glads. Iris have  lots of colors but not as many. Glads have five different floret sizes from 100 to 500 . Some only an inch and a half across, some up to 6Ē. There are greens , blues, tri-tones two Ėtones, violet, smokies, black reds ,plus a whole lot more. I like roses but a lot of times they donít open fully when cut. Native glads will open to the last bud, and will last over a week.  Glads have a smaller size called miniatures that are excellent for patinas, bud vases, arrangements or smaller centerpieces. They can also be used for corsages or boutonnieres. Then we have the giant  500s that can measure 6í across in floret size. Plus the 300 and 400 size. There are numerous glad shows all over the country where you can enter in 20 something categories for cash awards or rosettes. Not to mention they are excellent for roadside stands and farmers markets to sell along with your vegetables or whatever else you have .Another great hobby is breeding glads  to create new ones , maybe you could be the first person to create a true black glad . I love just cutting them and bringing bouquets into the house to put in a vase . We now have a few glads that are mildy scented and we are working on bringing more scent into glads. As we know working in the garden is one of the best exercises you can do for your body and mind.  I'm tired of hearing the stigma of funeral flowers, lets learn to appreciate all the color and multiple uses we have for gladiolas.  Consider joining a glad society to learn more about growing and exhibiting these beautiful flowers or just having a nice backyard plot that you can enjoy. Dues are very reasonable and all the information can be found in seasonal bulletins that are put out four times a year or just going to meetings and hearing speakers, plus the auctions or banquets where you can purchase  your own corms. Itís a great hobby that does not require a big expense ,just a little time and patience on your part. So donít piss me off  anymore by calling one of the most beautiful flowers on the planet funeral flowers.  Lets learn  to appreciate the beauty of the flower.  

Thank You and Happy Gardening.

Before you read this article I have a few corrections, I am the sole owner of this business and have been for the last 40 years. Yes I do get help from my dad and also a little from my brother Roger Jr. the other correction is where it says the depth we plant the bulbs at is six feet, obviously that should be 6 inches. Please read and enjoy the show pictures

Thank You

       Gary Adams

Western Massachusetts Gladiolus Society gets ready for annual show and flower sale Aug. 25

Gallery: Western Mass. Gladiolus Society Show and Sale


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