(WL)-broad, flat petals, COLLARETTE (COL)- open centered flower with one row of petals and a row of petaloids, SINGLE (S)-Open centered with one row of petals, ORCHID (O)-Open center, one row of petals which are rolled or tube like. NOVELTY (N) MIGNON SINGLE (MS) STELLAR (ST)

ALPEN CHERUB (Coll) Tall growing pure white collarette. Wins big at the shows. $1.50

ALPEN DIAMOND (Coll) Beautiful blend of pink and white. Huge winner. $4.00

BISHOP OF ILANDAFF (Peony) Dark red peony that still wins, #1 in its class and a good cutflower. $5.00

BLOOMS IRENE (WL) Bright orange waterlilly blending to a yellow center. $3.500

BONNE ESPERANCE (MS) Pretty pink mignon single, wins big love it. SOLD OUT

BRUSHSTROKES (WL) Beautiful 5” blooms of lavender with a rose undertone. A big winner at the shows. $4.50

BUMBLE RUMBLE (COLL) Pretty blend of purple and white. Makes a lot of long stem flowers. Good cutflower. SOLD OUT

CAROLINA WAGEMAN (WL) Pretty dark pink waterlilly, good cutflower. $3.50

CG ECLIPSE (S)  Pretty blend of yellow and red - $3.50

CHIMACUM CATHLEEN   W.L  A light blend of pink and yellow . good for show and cutflower $5.00  

CLEARVIEW MAGIC (NX) A real eye catcher in dark rose red that makes flowers of 10” plus. Good cuter and winner. $3.00

CLOVIS (WL)  One of the best waterlilys that has been overlooked.,Pretty blend of light peach and yellow,great cutflower-$4.00

DAISY (MS) Very pretty salmon pink with red toward center. $3.50

DANDIE TRISH (Orchid) Striking combination of yellow and red. #1 in its class and a great cutflower. $ 3.50

DOUBLE TROUBLE (COL) 4” blooms of deep raspberry with pink tips. Heavy bloomer, very pretty. I like! $4.50

EXOTIC DWARF (MS) Pretty lavender and pink. Low growing and lots of flowers. SOLD OUT

FIDALGO JULIE (STELLAR) Great blend of orange and rusting red. Big winner and a perfect fall cutflower. $3.50

HILLTOP ZOEY (S) Tall growing red with long stems, big plants and lots of flowers, good cutter. $4.00

HOLLYHILL BLACK WIDOW  W.L. Awesome black red waterlily. One of my favorites $11.00

HOLLYHILL GLORIA (S) Beautiful light blend of lavender and yellow. Superb cutflower. $5.50

HONKA (O) The best yellow orchid. For show and cutflower. $4.00

JAC’S FAITH (Collarette) Light blend of white and lavender. $3.00

JAC’S NATHAN (Collarette) Pretty bright orange, loads of flowers. $3.00

K-ANDY (COL) A spectacular dark red with a white collar. One of the best collarettes. $3.50

KELSEY SUNSHINE   The #1 collarette in  its class very pretty shade of lighter yellow $5.00  

K-K-K-KATIE (O) Pretty orange orchid that wins big. $5.00

KORB’S ANER BEND JEAN (ST) Beautiful white stellar, great cutflower. $4.50

LAKEVIEW PEACH FUZZ (NX) Light blend of peachy pink and yellow. Makes a load of flowers and also wins. $4.00

MARIE SCHNUGG (O)-Red with excellent form. Big winner. $5.00

MORAY SUSAN   (WL)   A deep blend of red and yellow. Wins and is also a very good cutflfower. $5.00 

NORTHWEST COSMO (S) Very pretty combination of lavender and purple in the center, wins big. $4.50

OPTIC ILLUSION (NX) Novelty double center in a purple with purple and white. Very pretty and a winner. $5.00

PAM HOWDEN (WL) Beautiful combination of yellow orange and deep pink. Huge winner and good cutter. $6.00

PARKLAND SAVOY - Pretty yellow anemone. $4.00

PAT FEARY (WL) Pretty blend of yellow with peach overtones, very heavy bloomer with long stems. $3.00

PATTY (WL) Pretty dark pink waterlilly, nice cutflower. $3.50

PRIMROSE PET   (Stellar)    The best yellow stellar we grow . Excellent cutflower. - $6.50

RAE ANN’S SNOWFLAKE (COLL) Snow white with yellow inner petals, loads of flowers. $3.00

RAE ANNE’S TORCH (Collarette) One of my favorite collarettes, yellow with bright red on the interior of each petal, awesome $3.00

R MONA  (WL)  Superb waterlily red that is great for show and cutflower. - $6.00 

SANDIA SHOWBOAT (WL) Very pretty light yellow that produces a lot of  flowers. $4.00

SANDIA SHOMEI (WL) One of my favorite waterlilly’s, pretty lavender with a touch of white deep in the center. $6.00

SUMMERS’S END (WL) 1993 Derrill Hart Award Winner. 5” soft peach blossoms blends to yellow in the center, great cutflower. $5.00

TARATAHI SUNRISE  (WL)  Prertty light blenf of orange and yellow - $4.50

TAHOMA HOPE (O) Pretty white orchid that leads its class. $4.00

WHEELS (COL) Red with a touch of orange with yellow petals in the middle. Great for show and cutflower. $4.00

VALLEY PORCUPINE (NX) One of my favorite, light blend of pink and white. Makes lots of flowers about 3” across. Big winner and great cutflower. $3.50

VERRONE’S DF (Stellar) Deep pink that folds back nicely, wins and cuts great. $5.00

VERRONE’S OBSIDIAN (Orchid) Huge winning purple orchid, one of the best. $6.00

VERRONE’S RICHARD B (Stellar) Big winning yellow stellar, great stems and flowers. $5.00

WILDWOOD MARIE (WL)-Outstanding deep pink. True water lily form. One of the best. $4.00

WYN’S EEEK (NX) One of the oddest form dahlias ever. Petals curve upward in all directions. Awesome a real favorite of mine. SOLD OUT