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New Dahlia Additions

Arenas Sunset (M) (LC) Light blend of yellow and orange. Good cutflower that also wins at the shows   $4.00

Bernadette Castro  (M)  (FD) Very pretty light pink . Great cutter  $6.00     

Tahoma April  (Ball) Deep  pink with great form.good cutflower. $4.00  

Bristol Canary  (M) (FD)  Nicely formed dark yellow. Good cutter  $3.50 

Bristol Tangerine (M) (FD)  Miniature orange with great form. Good cutflower $4.00    

Dorothy R (MB)  Nicely formed white mini ball. Can win at the shows and a great cutter. $4.50    

BO –Zoe  (BB)   (FD)  Formal lavender cutflower $3.50  

Stillwater Merrily   (BB) (FD)  Pretty variegated blend of orange and red. Good cutflower  $3.50 

Black Satin (BB) (FD)  Formal black red that makes a great cutflower. $4.00  

Cyna Warrior (A)  (ID)   Deep blend of pink and red. $4.50    

Chimacum Troy   (MB) (FD)  One of the best purple balls for show and cutflower. $4.50 

Colwood Anne  (BB) (LC)  Very pretty laciniated yellow. Very pretty and a good cutflower. $4.00  

Chimacum Zyair  (MB) One of my favorite chimacums. Great purple for show and cutflower $5.00 

Verkist Aristocrat (BB)  (C)  A real old timer that still is one of my better cutflowers $3.50  

Formby Crest (M) (FD)  Nicely formed blend of yellow and bright red like all the formbys its great. $5.00  

Taratahi Sunrise  (WL)  Prertty light blend of orange and yellow. $4.50

Tropic Sun (BB) (SC)   Pretty blend of yellow and orange. A super cutflower. $3.50  

Regina (AA) (ID)  A  winner in dark red. Very pretty and a good cutflower. $4.50 

Greendor (Ball) One of my favorite ball dahlias and a huge winner at the shows. Also a great cut flower. $7.00  

AC Kahuna (A) (ID) Beautiful purple thats best in class. Also a good cutflower. $5.00  

Ace Summer Sunset (B) great cutflower in a light blend of yellow and yellow. $3.50  

Ryecroft Brenda T  (BB)  (FD) Nicely formed pure white that can win and is also a good cutflower. $6.00   

Sam Huston (AA)  (ID)  Oldd timer that still produces great flowers. One of the best big oranges. $6.50    

Rock Run Ashley  (M)  (FD)- formal pink mini that wins at the shows and cuts great $4.00  

Kenora Mocap-B  (B)  (LC)  A laciniated deep red one of the best. $5.00     

Clara Huston (AA)  (IC)  Huge winner in the orange class $7.00    

Alpen Marjory  (MB)  Perfect form  in a variegated pink and red. Love it $4.50 

CliftonSid  (B) (SC)  Striking deep yellow that makes a lot of flowers one of my favorite yellows. $4.50 

Bryn Terfel  (AA) (ID)   Huge winner in its class. Giant size red. $6.00

Clovis(WL) One of the best waterlilys that has been overlooked. Pretty blend of light peach and yellow,great cutflower $4.00  

Camano Stroll  (BB) (FD)  Gorgeous yellow with great form. Wins and cuts great like all the camanos.  $4.00

CG Eclipse (S)  Pretty blend of yellow and red. $3.50  

Chimacum Del Blooma (MB) Excellent purple mini-ball. Another great chimacum. $4.00

Chimacum Les-C  (MB) Deep rose red with a touch of purple. A very good cutflower that also wins. $4.00   

Irish Embers  (Pom) One of the best poms in red and yellow. $6.00 

Lakeeview Glow (BB)  (IC) huge winner in its class and a great cutflower. $5.00   

Lupin Britain  (Pom)   A great old time red pom.. still a favorite. $4.00    

R Mona  (WL)  Superb waterlily red that is great for show and cutflower. $6.00 

Moray Susan   (WL)   A deep blend of red and yellow. Wins and is also a very good cutflfower. $5.00  

Narrows Kirsten-(Ball) Very pretty deep ball. Big winner and I love it. $6.50   

Narrows Pam  (Ball)  One of the best lavender balls. $6.00  

Nicholas (BB)  (ID)   Great cutflower orange and a winner at the shows. $6.00 

Nick Sr   (AA)  (ID)  Huge winning red. Love it. $6.50   

N.T.A.C Mia LIa  (BB)  (FD) #1 in its class. A very pretty deep pink with great form. Excellent cut flower. $5.00

Parkland Rave.  (BB)  (C  A huge winner in its class #1. One of my favorite Parklands Great form in light lavender. $8.00 

Real Gold  (Pom)  A super cutflower pom in bright orange gold. Love it. $3.50    

Primrose Pet (Stellar)  The best yellow stellar we grow. Excellent cutflower. $6.50

Rejmans Midnight Pom (Pom)  Excellent dark red pom.  Florists love it. Also can win at the shows. $5.50

Rural Dirk (Ball)   Great form in light yellow. Good cutflower. $4.00 

Treby Dainty  (M) (FD)  #1 in its class. Pretty blend of lavender and white,with excellent form. $6.00  

SBs Sunny  (MB)  #1 in its class. Perfect form in a deeper shade of yellow. $5.00   

Shadow Cat  (M)  (FD) Tall growing black red that still produces a lot of flowers. And still wins at the shows. One of the best old timers $4.00 

Sheabird-C (MB)  A variegated red and orange with great form. Very good cutflower. $4.00 

Showcase Magnifico (B) (LC)   A laciniated dark red that cuts great. $3.50  

Sorbet   (B) (SC)   Deep blend of white and deep rose. Big winner and great cutflower . Very attractive. $5.00 

Spike (AA) (C)  One of a kind white cactus. Love it $6.00 

Stellyvonne  (B) (LC)   A laciniated light yellow that people love nothing else like it. $10.00 

Sweet  Deams  (B) (SC)   Beautiful shade of pink. Very good cutflower. $4.00   

Tahoma Lady (MB)  (FD)   Big winner in a ball form superb cutflower. $4.00    

Taratahi Glo   (WL)   A winner in a beautiful shade of orange and yellow. Great cutlower. $7.00

Woodlands Wildthing   (B)  (SC)  Almost grows to a A size. One of my favorite oranges. $7.00    

Wynnns Moonlight Sonata  (B) (FD)   A spectacular incurved form in a blend of orange and yellow. Nothing else like it. $8.00

Jomanda  (BB) (FD)    # 1 in its class. huge winner and a very good cutflower. $5.50

Parkland Prom  (M0 (FD)   Nicely formed deep pink, good cutflower. $4.00  

Roban Sunspot  (M) (FD)   Pretty yellow with a touch of peach. $4.00    

Pink Pet  (Stellar) One of the few deep pink stellars. A very good cutflower. $7.00    

Clerview Lily (B) (SC)  Huge winner at the shows. A pretty deep pink and yellow. $4.50 

Colwood Kim Marie (B) (LC)  A fabulous laciniated red that is one of Jack Colwoods best. Great cutflower.  5.00    

Daddys Girlie  (M) (FD)  An old timer that I still love. Purple with a white edging. $5.00    

Fitzys Dark Angel (M) (ID)  Becoming a real favorite in dark red. Can win and a great cutter. $6.00   

Gladiator (AA) (ID)   Giant red with yellow in the center. Wins at the shows and makes a lot of flowers for a big dahlia. $5.50   

Goldilocks  (BB)  (ID)  A great old time yellow that makes a lot of flowers, love it. $5.00   

Harry Meggos   (A)  (ID)  Excellent big dahlia with great form. Makes a good amount of fowers in orange and yellow blend. $10.00  

Hilltop Ivan  (Ball)  A tremendous big ball in purple the florists love it. $5.50  

Walter Huston  (A)  (SC)   Big lavender that’s been around for years and still wins. $6.00  

Hollyhill Big Pink  (AA)  (ID)  Giant deep pink that’s winning big. A must have in deep pink. $10.00  

Hollyhill Black Beauty (WL) This is one of my favorites. The best black red waterlily Huger winner and great cutflower. $11.00

Hollyhill Candy Stripe  (BB) (LC)  A variegated blend of pink and red. #1 in its class. $6.00

Hollyhill Cotton Candy  (B) (IC)   Definitely one of my top 10 dahlias. The petals turn upward. Beautiful shade of deep pink. Wins big and makes a load of flowers. $10.00  

Hulins Carnival  (M) (FD)  A great old timer that still wins, variegated white and red. Great cutflower.  $4.00

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