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Medium Dahlias - over 6-8" in diameter. Size B

 FD- Formal decorative (flat petals, often recurve to stem); ID - Informal decorative (wavy petals) I C - Cactus (petals rolled like quills); SC - Semi-cactus (petals broad at base, rolled or twisted toward tips); WL - Water lily (broad, flat petals); IC - Incurved cactus (tips curve toward center).

ACE SUMMER SUNET (B) great cutflower in a light blend of yellow and yellow. $3.50

 (B)(SC) Bright red standout #1 in its class. Great for show and cutflower. $5.00

ALFRED GRILLE (IC) (B) Light blend of yellow and pink. A big winner year after year. $6.00

ALPEN BILL (B)(SC) light blend of white and lavender. Huge winner in its class and a great cutflower. $4.00

ANGELA DODI (B)(LC) Pretty blend of pink and white. Excellent cutflower that can win. $2.50

ANNETTE-C (B)(SC) Sparkling lavender purple with deeper purple streaks. Good cutter. $3.50

BAR EARLY  Morn FD  Light blend of pink and yellow great cutter $3.50

BLACKBERRY RIPPLE (B) (SC) Splashy combination of white and lavender with splashes of purple, #1 in its class and a very good cutflower. $4.00

BLOOMQUIST QUILL (B) (SC) Excellent dark red that wins. Also cuts great. $3.50

BODE  IC   Very pretty lavender , Huge winner great cutter $5.00  

BO-BAY (B)(SC) Pretty light blend of yellow and lavender, great cutflower. $4.00

BO JOY      I.D.  A laciniated yellow with that wins in its class and a very good cutflower $4.50

BRACKEN PALOMINO (B)(FD) Beautiful shade of peachy orange with excellent form, great cutflower. $5.00

BRACKEN ROSE (B)(FD) Nicely formed deep pink, good cutflower. SOLD OUT

BRIAN-R (B)(FD) Perfectly formed lavender that�s a huge winner and a very good cutflower. $5.00

CAFE-AU-LAIT (B)(ID) Very pretty light pink. The florists love it. $10.00

CAMANO CONCORDE (B) (IC) Huge winning purple, excellent cutflower. $7.00

CAMANO REGAL (B) (SC) Excellent purple cactus. Good cutflower. $4.00

CAMEO PEACH (B)(FD) Gorgeous blend of yellow and pink. Good cutflower. $4.00

CANBY CENTENNIAL (B) (FD) Deep rose-red with a frosty white edge. Super cutflower. $3.50

CAPROZ JERRY GARCIA (B)(FD) Bright red color shines in the field, nice cutflower. $3.50

CARMEN FIESTA (B)(FD) Pretty blend of ping with a red varigation. $3.50

CASTLE DRIVE (B)(FD) Beautiful light blend of pink and yellow that wins a lot and cuts great. SOLD OUT

CHIMACUM JULIA (B) (I.C.) Nicely formed golden yellow blooms. Big winner. $4.00

CITRON DE CAP (B) A lacinated light yellow. #1 in its class, good cutter also. $ 3.00

CLAIRE HICKS (SC) - Lavender and white cutflower. Long stems. $3.50

CLASSIC A-1 (B)(C)  Excellent for show and cutting. A bright red cactus. $3.00

CLEARVIEW IRENE (B) (SC) Excellent yellow semi cactus. Can win at the shows and a very good cutflower. $5.50

CLEARVIEW TAMMY (B) (SC) Big time show winning white cactus. $6.00

CLIFTONSID  (B) (SC)  Striking deep yellow that makes a lot of flowers one of my favorite yellows. $4.50

COLWOOD SCHERI (B) Lacinated combination of orange-yellow with splashes of red. Love it. $4.00

DEVON CITATION (B)(SC) Excellent cutflower white, makes a lot of flowers. $4.00

DR. JOHN KAISER (B) (ID) Huge winner and a very good cutflower. $5.00

FERNCLIFF FUEGO (B)(SC) Beautiful flame orange that makes a lot of flowers and has great stems. $4.00

FERNCLIFF ILLUSION (B) Beautiful blend of white and lavender. Big winner, great cutflower. $5.00

GARY (B)(SC) Pretty light orange with good cutting stems, excellent cutflower. $3.00

GEORGE C (BB) (ID) Perfectly formed dark red. Wins and cuts superb $4.00

GLORIOSA (B) (FD) Yellow blooms sprayed with red. Excellent form, big winner and very good cutflower. $4.50

GRANNY NORMAN (B)(SC) Very pretty blend of pink and yellow, superb cutflower. $5.00

HAMARI ACCORD (B) (SW) - One of the biggest winners. A beautiful yellow. $6.00

HILLCREST DUNCAN EDWARDS (B) (SC) Beautiful deep red and a good cutflower. $5.00

HOLLYHILL RED SPIDER (B) (IC) Unusual red cactus. Big winner. $6.50

HY DARCY (B) (FD) Pretty blend of light yellow with streaks and blushes of soft rose pink. Reflexes beautifully to the stem. Excellent cutflower that also wins. $4.00

HY PATTI (B)(FD) One of the best medium size orange dahlia we grow great cutflower. $3.50

HY RUDY B (B) (SC) Deep wine rose purple with cool full form. Great cutflower and blue ribbon winner. SOLD OUT

JACS JULIA (B) (C) Pretty light blend of pink and yellow. $4.00

JENNIFER�S WEDDING (B) (ID) 3� blooms in a rich deep purple lacinated on the petal edges. Robust grower with good stems for cutting. $4.50

JUANITA (C) � Gorgeous velvety dark red. Perennial winner at shows. $4.00JULIE (C) Heavy blooming deep pink. Very striking and wins also. $3.00

JUST PEACHY � Attractive blend of peachy pink and yellow. Tons of blooms. One of the best garden dahlias. $4.00 

KENORA LISA (FD) � An excellent showflower pink. $4.00

KENORA MOCAP-B  (B)  (LC)  A laciniated deep red one of the best. $5.00

KEVIE B (B) (ID) Beautiful shade of peachy orange. Makes a ton of flowers. Great cutflower. $3.50

KORB KANDY DANDY (B)(IC) Beautiful combination of deep pink with splashes of deeper pink and purple. $5.00

LADY DARLENE (B)(FD) Stunning deep blend of red and yellow. #1 in its class. Great cutflower, love it. $4.50

LAKEVIEW ILLUSION (B) (IC) Deep purple informal cactus. Huge winner. $6.00

LOVER BOY (B)(SC) Heavy blooming dark red that cuts great. Good tuber producer. $3.00

MANOR SUNSET (B) (SC) Excellent old time orange and yellow cutflower, still wins also. $4.00

MINGUS ALEX (B) (ID) Deep red blooms with great form. Good for show and cutflower. $4.00

MINGUS JACKIE-P (B) Pretty laciniated red #! In its class and a very good cutter. $4.00

MINGUS LAURA (B)(IC) Informal cactus red, nice cutflower. $3.50

MINGUS LEROY (B)(LC) Heavily Laciniated lavender and white blend. Very pretty and a very good cutflower. $4.50

NENEKAZI (B) (LC) � Gorgeous blend of red, coral and pink. A huge winner and great cutter. $6.00 

NITA (B) (C) � Rose red with ruby red markings. Very striking. One of the best cutflower and exhibition dahlias. $3.50

NORMANDY BRIGHT DAY  I.D   excellent cutflower bright red. $3.50    

NORMANDY LISANNE (B)(ID) A deep blend of orange red infused with yellow. Very pretty and great cutflower. $6.00

NORMANDY ORANGE FLUFF (B) (LC) A deep blend of orange and red lacinated cactus. Great color, shows well in a weak class, a fantastic cutflower. SOLD OUT

NORMANDY SWEET LUCY (B) (ID) Beautiful light blend of yellow and pink. Makes loads of flowers, superb cutflower. $4.00

NORMANDY WILD WILLIE (B) (LC) Very pretty lacinated purple, only one in its class, excellent cutflower. $5.00

ORANGE GLOBE  (Adams,09)   B FD A beautiful peachy orange in a very tight formation. Capable of producing blooms up to 10" across. with very strong stems. on a 4 foot plant. Can win at the shows and a good tuber producer. Its a sport of Ferncliff Copper.  $3.00

ORETI HARVEST (B)(SC) Pretty orange and yellow blend, great cutflower. $4.50

PAPA'S BENJI (B) Beautifully formed lacinated orange blooms, great for show and cut. $4.50

PARADE (A) (I.D.) Tall growing red that produces a lot of flowers. Excellent old-timer. $3.50

PINELAND'S PAM (BLS) Striking 7� blooms of bright yellow with deep orange petal tips that are lacinated. Superb for show and cutflower. $4.00

RIP CITY (B) (SC) An outstanding black-red with 7� blooms. A prolific bloomer that holds its color very well. Good show and cutflower. $4.00

RON'S DARK EMBER (B) Beautifully formed lacinated rose red that makes lots of flowers, love it. $4.00

RYAN-C (B)(FD) Sparkling bi-color purple and white, super cutflower. $3.50

RYECROFT MAGNUM (B) (ID) Super cutflower yellow. $5.00

SCAUR SWINTON (B) (FD) Fantastic deep pink with great form, has won numerous awards and one of my best cutflowers. $6.00

SHOWCASE MAGNIFICO (B) (LC) A laciniated dark red that cuts great. -$3.50

SORBET (B) (SC) Deep blend of white and deep rose. Big winner and great cutflower. Very attractive. -$5.00

STERLING SILVER (B) (FD) � Beautifully formed pure white. Has been winning forever. $5.00

STILLWATER KRISTA (B)(ID) Soft yellow with lavender blush on the edges, superb cutflower. $4.00

SYLVIA CRAIG HUNTER (B)(FD) Beautifully formed bright orange, big winner, great cutflower. $5.00

UMPQUA MAGIC  Beautiful blend of yellow and orange. $5.00

VERKIST PINK SCEPTRE (B) (C) Old time pink cactus that was originated in the 70�s, good cutflower and tuber maker. $4.50

VERONES RICHARD (B) Awesome yellow stellar. Wins and a great cuflower. $4.00

WINDHAVEN HIGHLIGHT (B) (IC) Bright yellow incurved cactus that wins big and even better as a cutflower, love it. $4.50

WANYS AUTUMN REVERIE (B) (C) Light blend of yellow and orange. $6.00

WYNS MAUVE MIST (B) (SC) Pretty light blend of lavender and yellow. Nice form, great cutter. $2.50

YUUKYU (ID) � Underrated white, lots of flowers. Wins. $2.50

ZAPPS DESERT STORM (B) (SC) � Beautiful dark red with good form. Wins at the shows. $5.00

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