Large Dahlias-A


Large Dahlias - over 8-10" in diameter. Size A

FD- Formal decorative (flat petals, often recurve to stem); ID - Informal decorative (wavy petals) I C - Cactus (petals rolled like quills); SC - Semi-cactus (petals broad at base, rolled or twisted toward tips); WL - Water lily (broad, flat petals); IC -Incurved cactus (tips curve toward center).

ALAUNA VAN POPULI (A)(ID) Heavy blooming rose red blending to a yellow center, great cutflower. $3.50

AlmAnd Joy (FD) - Lavender and white 10" blooms. $3.50

AZTEC GOLD (A)(SC) Nicely formed golden tallow with shades of orange, blooms early. $6.00

Camano Messenger (A)(C)-An outstanding blend of pink and yellow. Excellent form. Best in class. $3.00

COLOR MAGIC (A) An eye catching combo of light pink sprayed with blotches of red. Really cool. $2.50

COOL LUKE (A) (ID) Strong growing bright red that makes a lot of flowers. $4.50

Cynthia Louise (FD) - Light yellow, lots of 10" flowers. Impressive garden variety. $4.50

DICK WESTFALL (A) (I.D.) Attractive light blend of pink and yellow with a nice form. Great cutflower that also wins. $4.00

DORIS B (A)(C) Stunning blend of deep pink and yellow. One of the best in the garden. I love it. $5.00

DRUMMER BOY (A) FD) A giant deep red that makes a lot of flowers for a big one. $4.00

ELMA ELIZABETH (ID) - Beautifully formed deep lavender that's cleaning up at the shows. $5.00

ELSIE HUSTON (A) (ID) - A robust growing deep pink. $3.00

GARGANTUAN (AA)(SC) Huge flowers in a beautiful blend of pink and yellow. $4.00

GREEK PRINCESS (A)(ID) An overlooked pink with good form and a great cutter. $ 3.50

Holly Huston (A)(SC)-Beautifully formed red cactus. One of the best. $5.00

HY ABALONE (A)(C) Pretty white cactus with a pale pink blush. $3.50

HY MIRIAM (A)(IC) Big cactus lavender, #1 in its class. $3.50

Kenora Wildfire (ID) - Brilliant glossy deep red. Top show and garden variety. $6.00

Kidds Climax (A)(FD)-One of the best old-timers. A pretty blend of pink and yellow. Still a big winner. $5.00

LOVELY LANA (ID) Great root producer and an awesome lavender cutflower. $4.40

MARTA (ID) Very striking red with yellow near the center. Good cutter that also wins a little. $4.00

MINGUS JULIE  M (A) (C) Pretty light blend of deep pink and white. Great form that wins and a super cutflower. $6.00

MINGUS GREGORY (A) (I.C.) Light blend of lavender and white. Wins in a tough class. Great cutter. $4.50

MINGUS KAY LYNN (A) (SC) Very pretty lavender on robust plants. Nice form and lots of flowers. $4.00

MINGUS MILLIE-B (A)(SC) Big white with semi-cactus form. $5.00

MINGUS PHILLIP II (A) (SC) Pretty blend of white and lavender with great form. Wins at the shows and cuts great. $3.50

Mingus Randy SC Light blend of lavender and white . Good for show and cut- $4.00

MINGUS WESLEY (A) (ID) Attractive blend of pink and white that deepens at the petal edges. $3.50

NORDWICK�S GLORY (A)(FD) Excellent old timer that makes loads of beautiful orange flowers. $4.00

PENNHILL NIGEL THOMPSON (A)(FD) Giant light purple with strong stems, can win at the shows. $4.00

PENNHILL YELLOW QUEEN (A)(ID) Perfectly formed deep yellow that�s #1 in its class and makes a lot of flowers for a big dahlia. $6.00

SIERRA GLOW (A)(ID) Awesome bronze beauty with peachy tones. Strong robust grower that cuts great and wins also. $4.50

SHEILA MOONEY (A)(ID) One of our best cutflower whites that still wins also. $3.50

Show-N-Tell (SC) - Red with yellow tips and lacinated petals. Very stunning. Wins! $5.00

SKIPLEY GRANDE (A)(SC) Beautiful blend of yellow and deep pink. Great form, strong plants, big winner. $5.00

SNOHO TRIUMPH (A) (S.C.) Nicely formed dark red, that wins and a good cutflower $5.00

SNOWBOUND (A) (ID) A 97 Derrill Hart Award Winner with great form. A heavy blooming white that's winning at the big shows. $4.50

Spartacus (A) (ID) - Winner of Lynn Dudley and Derrill Hart Medals. Dark red beauty. Big winner. $5.00

SWANS SUNSET  (A) (ID) A delightful combination of bright red with orange tips. Great for show and cutflower. $4.00

TRIBUNES CITY OF HALIFAX (A)(SC) Stunning bronze that makes loads of flowers. Excellent cutflower. $4.00

VASSIO MEGGOS (A) (ID) Superb lavender sport of Spartacus with the same great habits. A top ten winner and great cutflower. $6.00

Verda   SC  Perfectly formed in pure white big winner-$4.00

WINDHAVEN BLUSH (A)(SC) Outstanding form in yellow with a slight blush of rose pink. Very pretty, huge plants an a big winner. $5.00

WYN�S NEW PASTEL (A) (FD) Gorgeous blend of pink and yellow, light peach. Makes a ton of flowers for a big dahlia. Love it. $4.50

WYN�S RADIANT STAR (A) IC) Attractive blend of purple and white, wins at the shows and a super cutflower. $4.50

WYN�S SCORPION (A)(C) Beautiful shade of orange that produces a ton of flowers. Love it. $ 6.00

WYN�S SENSATION (A) (SC) Darrill Hart winner, huge growing plants of bronze orange, long strong stems. Big winner, great cutflower. $3.50


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