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2016 Gladiola Introductions

APACHE GEM   (Hartline 2016) (Parentage El Diablo X Open) (495) 85 days.  A rustic reddish brown with yellow feathering throughout. Opens 10  lightly ruffled florets in formal placement with 23 buds on a 30” flowerhead. A must haven for the brown lovers, florists love it.
L- $5.50  M- $5.00


GLISTENING WHITE  (Hartline 2016) (Parentage Hot Pink x seedling 02-905)  (300)  82 days. A sparkling pure white with white stamens. Opens 9 heavily ruffled florets in formal placement with 25 buds on a 26 “ flowerhead.   Excellent for show and cutflower. Love it.
L-$6.00 M-$5.50



ROSE TAPESTRY   (Hartline 2016) (Parentage count chocula x open) (367)  82 days. Multi colors of rose from light to deep with white streaks on the center of all lower petals, very different. Opens 8 ruffled florets in formal placement with 28 buds on a 30” plus flowehead. A color we really need. Can win at the shows and also a very good cutflower.
L-$5.00  M-$4.50



SHADES OF ROSE  (Hartline 2016) (Parentage Tampico x Star Performer)  (463) 82 days. Light rose on the outer petals with deeper rose on the lip petals and throat Opens 11 lightly ruffled florets in formal placement with 23 buds on a 28 “ flowerhead. Very pretty and a very good cutflower.
L-$5.00 M-$4.50



UNFORGETTABLE   (Hartline 2016) (Parentage Super Cross x Hot Pink)  (365)  85 days  Heavily Ruffled medium rose on the outside petals with cream in the center surrounded by deep rose feathering. Absolutely incredible. Opens 9 in perfect placement with 25 buds on a 28” flowerhead. The top voted All America. One of my all time favorites. Can win at the show and a superb cutflower.
L-$9.00 M-$8.50



VINTAGE ROSE   (Hartline 2016) (Parentage Tampico x Open)  (465)  83 days. Light to medium variations of rose in all petals with deeper rose markings in the throat. Opens 10 ruffled florets in formal placement with 22 buds on a 27” flowerhead  A showflower and a cutflower in a vintage color.
L-$5.00 M-$4.50



HIGH PRAISES   (Hartline 2016) (Parentage Green Crush x My Guy)  (275)  80 days.  Medium lavender with golden yellow veins on lower petals with red striping in throat,and lighter freckles also in throat. Opens 7 ruffled florets in formal placement with 25 buds on a 27” flowerhead . Very unique color that people love. Also a very good novelty cut flower.
L-$5.00 M-$4.50 


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