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2014 Gladiola Introductions

ALL IS ROSY   Hartline 2014  (267)  parentage Boy O boy x High Honors. 78 days  Heavily ruffled white with  the lower three petals in blotched in deep rose. Opens 8-9 heavy substanced florets in formal placement with 20 buds and a  20” flowerhead, A real standout in the garden that will compete at the shows and a very good cutflower, Florists love it
L or M $4.50


BUCKEYE BEAUTY    Hartline 2014  (297)  80 days   Parentage- Hot Pink x El Diablo  A 2014   All America selection and also the highest scorer in the AA trials.  A rustic red brown with  the outer petals a salmon rosy brown. Opens 8-9 heavily ruffled and heavy substanced, round florets  in formal placement with 24 buds on a 24” flowerhead. Has won numerous awards at the shows and will quickly be the leader of its color class. One of the best smoky miniatures I have ever grown , If you love the browns it’s a must have
L or M $6.00



GODS GIFT     Hartline 2014      (463)  Parentage- Super cross  x showbound      80days   Pale rose on the outside with a reddish orange tinge in the center and deeper orange on the bottom two lip petals.  Opens 8 ruffled florets i n formal placement, with 22 buds on a 26” flowerhead..  a beautiful combination of rose and peach.  The florists ask for this one all the time
L or M $4.00



GREAT EXPECTATIONS  Hartline 2014  (476)    PARENTAGE - Lavender Masterpiece x open      85 days  A huge growing  deep purple that is close to being a 500 size. Opens 12 lightly ruffled florets in very formal placement,with 26 buds on a 28” flowerhead.  Has all the makings  to become a very good showflower and a superb cutflower. If you are a purple lover like me it’s a must have in your garden. I have great expectations for this one.
L or M $4.00



ROSY OUTLOOK   Hartline ,2014     (465)    parentage   Kiss Of Rose x Open   80 days    Heavy ruffled medium rose with deeper rose lip petals. Opens 9 in formal placement with 22 buds on a 24” flowerhead.   Very pretty and very healthy. A tremendous cutflower in  a beautiful shade o rose.
L or M $4.00



SASSY SUE    Hartline 2014       (205)     77 Days     Medium Green with lighter salmon edges  and light salmon markings . Opens 8 lightly ruffled florets in formal placement with 20 buds on a 19” flowerhead.The picture does not do it justice.  Its hard to see the salmon edges.which add to the attraction of the color.   Has great growing habits and very healthy.  One of my best miniature cutflowers.
L or M $3.50



TIMELESS TREASURE    Hartline 2014  (443)  80 days   parentage – Hot Pink x Stately Lady   A 2014 All America selection.    The second highest scoring glad in the all America trial gardens .A heavily ruffled heavy substanced light pink with a light yellow blotch on the lower lip petals .  Just a gorgeous shade of pink that everyone loved when visiting the fields .  Opens 9-10  in perfect placement with 23 buds on a 30” flowerhead . I have high expectations for this timeless beauty  Will win at the shows and a tremendous cutflower.
L or M $6.00


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