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2013 Gladiola Introductions

CHEERY PINK   (Hartline’13) (345)  83 days    parentage- Hot Pink x open.    

A deeper version of pink then its parent Hot Pink. Rose pink on the outer portions  of the petals ,  with a white center , and a pink picotee on the white lip petals.   Fabulous color. Opens 8-9 ruffled heavy substance florets in formal placement , with 24 buds on a 27-28” flowerhead. L or M - $3.50



CRYSTAL FAIRY    ( Hartline’ 13)  (200)  78 days  Parentage- Warm White x Open   

Perfectly formed white with a soft touch of yellow in the throat. Opens 10  heavy ruffled florets in formal placement with 23 buds on a 24 “ flowerhead. Destined to become a big winner of championships at the shows and a super cutflower. L or M $4.00



ENCHANTED ROSE  ( Hartline’13)  (461)  85 days  Parentage-Showstopper x Santa Claus 

Enchanting indeed. Unbelievable color .Ruffled white with a rose picotee on the edges. Opens 9-10 heavy substanced florets with 22 buds on a 27 ‘ flowerhead. Has big time show potential and a fantastic cutflower. A real favorite of mine.
L-5.00 M-4.50



GARDEN PLEASER (Hartline’13)  (347) 79 days  Parentage-Pink Passion x Open

Heavily ruffled bright deep pink, with a creamy white throat blotch .Opens 8 heavy substance florets in formal placement with 21 buds on a 23” flowerhead. Not as tall a plant as the other glads, Cliff is touting these as landscape decorative glads because they are more suited for landscape use. They grow lower to the ground which makes them unique for landscape use. L-3.00 M- 2.50  



GOLDEN TIMES (Hartline’13)  (216)  78 days.   Parentage-rise and shine x boy 0 boy.    

The second of three landscape decoratives we are introducing for Cliff Hartline. Extremely ruffled deep yellow miniature. Opens 7-8 heavy substanced florets in formal placement with 21 buds on a 22” flowerhead. Superb color, florists love it. L-3.00 M-2.50



HIGH NOON  (Hartline’13) (314)   78 days  parentage –rise and shine x boy o boy 

Heavily ruffled medium yellow with a deeper yellow lip petal highlighted by a thin penciling of red. Opens 7-8 heavy substanced florets in formal placement with 22 buds on a 23 “ flowerhead. This is the third of our new line of landscape decorative  glads that you are going to love  L-3.50 M-3.00



PEACHES AND DREAMS (Hartline’13)  (431)  85 days   parentage stately lady x star performer  

Very pretty unusual shade of pale peach salmon with an appealing rose blotch on the lower lip petal. Opens 8-9 lightly ruffled florets in formal placement with 24 buds on a 30 “ flowerhead. Very popular with garden visitors and also a good showflower and cutflower. L or M 4.50


PERFECT PINK  (Hartline’13)  (445) 80 days   parentage-Santa Claus x open.  

Perfect in all ways . Its all good with this one. White with wide pink picotee edging. Opens 9 ruffled heavy substanced  florets in perfect placement with 24 buds on a 28” flowerhead. Going to be a big winner at the shows and in your garden. L-5.50  M-5.00


PINK PLEASURE (Hartline 13’)  (447)  85 days    parentage –hot pink x open   

Very deep pink almost rose. The picture makes it look a lot deeper. Deep pink with white lip petals and center of bottom petals also blotched in white. Opens 8 ruffled florets in formal placement with 24 buds on a 28-29” flowerhead. Has show potential and a very good garden cutflower. L- 4.50 M 4.00


PINEAPPLE CREAM (Hartline’13)  (313)   80 days  parentage-crowning glory x boy o boy 

A 2012 All America selection. Extremely ruffled, gorgeous light yellow with brighter lip petals. Opens 13 heavy substanced florets in formal placement, with 25 buds on a 28 “ flowerhead.   Has what it takes to win big at the shows and in your heart. A super cutflower. L or M 4.50


PUCK  (Kollasch’13)   (110)   75 days  parentage –Aztalan x open  

Attractive little cream with a deeper cream throat with a brushing of red on the deeper cream throat. Opens 6  2.4 “ florets in formal placement with 20 buds on a 20” flowerhead. Was best single spike seedling at the 2009 Athens Wisconsin show and also best 3 –spike seedling at the same show in 2010. A great little cutter also. L or M 3.00


RED FURY  (Hartline’13)  (354)  80 days    parentage –high honors x open

Sparkling medium red that deepens on the edges, opens 8 lightly ruffled florets in formal placement, with 24 buds on a 27 “ flowerhead. One of our best cutflower reds.  L or M 3.50


SPEARMINT (Kollasch'13) (102)  75 days parentage sherbet x open 

Lightly ruffled light green that deepens in the throat. Opens 8 2.4" florets in formal placement with 21 buds on a 23" flowerhead. The best 100 green. It will compete with the 200s.Fantastic for arrangements and small patinas, and bud vases. Love it.
L or M 3.50


TINY DANCER  (Kollasch ’13)  (173)  75 days parentage- whiskers x open   

Tiny dancer is just that . Could easily be the tiniest glad we grow in floret size. Only 1.5”. Great for arrangements , patinas and bud vases. A cute little light lavender on the edge that blends into a big white center with a  deeper lavender blotch in the throat. Open 5-6 florets  in good placement with 18 buds on a 16-17” flowerhead. You cant help but love it. L or M 4.00


TWINKLETOES   (Kollasch’13)  (143)      80 days  parentage –whiskers seedling open   

Nicely ruffled medium pink with a creamy white throat blotch. Opens 7-8  2.4” florets with good substance in formal placement with 21 buds on a 19” flowerhead. Will compete with the 200s on the show table. Fantastic cutflower that’s great for arrangements, patinas and bud vases.  L or M 4.00





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