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2010 Gladiola Introductions 


DEVINE (Hartline ‘2010)(441) 82 days  
Parentage – (Bryan Nicole) X (Open) 
An All-American selection in 2009. Heavily ruffled, heavy substanced light pink with a white throat. Opens 8-9 in formal placement with 23 buds on a 27-28” flowerhead. Has the capability to win at the shows but is best suited for cutflower use. The florist know it by name and makes beautiful baskets.  L or M $2.00 


RISE AND SHINE (Hartline ‘2010)(315) 82 days 
Parentage (Fire Frenzy) X (open) 
Lightly ruffled light yellow on the outer petals that deepens toward the center of the floret with a bold deep rose blotch on the lower three petals. Opens 8 with 25 buds on a 26-27” flowerhead. Extremely healthy and a heavy propagator make Rise and Shine an exceptional cutflower. L-$1.50 M-$1.00 


SHOW MARVEL (Hartline ‘2010)(512) 80 days 
Parentage (Showstar) X (Show Stopper) 
A lightly ruffled heavy substanced light yellow with a deeper yellow lip petal. Opens 9 heavy substanced 6” florets in formal placement with 22 buds on a 30-32” flowerhead. Has tremendous show potential and could easily become the best 500 size show glad ever. This is truly a marvel in your garden. A must have for showmen and those who love big glads. L-$3.00 M-$2.50 


SUPER CROSS (Hartline ‘2010)(237) 80 days 
Parentage (Fire Frenzy) X (Open) 
All-American in 2009.  Fiery deep scarlet orange with a lighter glow on the upper petals and a deeper salmon orange towards the center, a real inferno of color. Opens 9 lightly ruffled heavy substanced florets in formal placement with 20 buds on a 23” flowerhead. Extremely healthy and a very good propagator. Has won many seedlings champs and small grand champs plus the first to win Ed Squires Award. Makes great baskets and the florists love it. L or M $1.50 


YELLOW ROSE (Hartline ‘2010)(315) 82 days 
Parentage (Fire Frenzy) X (Open) 
Striking medium yellow with rose overtones on the outside of the petals and a deeper yellow on the lip petals with a bold rose blotch on the lips and a rose feathering on the upper petals. A real eye catcher. Opens 12 round heavy substanced beautifully ruffled florets in formal placement with 26 buds on a 30” flowerhead. Will clean up in the decorative class. Florists take every spike we cut. L $3.00 M $2.50 



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