2009 Gladiola Introductions



CHEER’S (Hartline ’09) (267) 75 days 
Ruffled deep burgundy rose with a gold brush stroke on the lower lip petal. Opens 8 in good placement with 22 buds on a flowerhead of 27”. Won miniature champion for me at our show. Will quickly become a leader in its class plus being an all-America selection. A super cutflower.
or M $1.50  



FIESTA AMERICANA (Hartline ’09) (227) 78 days 
Lightly ruffled deep orange salmon with yellow in the middle and bright red lower lip markings, A Fiesta of color explosion. Opens 9 in formal  placement with 22 buds on a 25-26” flowerhead. Can win at the shows in a weak deep orange class and a very good cutflower. 
L or M $3



HOLY MOLY (Hartline ’09)(213) 75 days 
Holy Moly is right. A dazzling color combination of light yellow on the outside of the floret with an explosion of deep red on the rest of the floret. Has great mechanics to win big at the shows. Opens 9-10 ruffled florets with 26 buds on on flowerheads of  25” plus. I love this one.
L or M 



MERCY ME (Hartline ’09)(235) 75 days 
Selected as an All-America in 2007. A light salmon on the inside that blends into a deeper salmon towards the edges with a bright salmon throat highlighted with yellow streaking on the lower petals. Opens 8 ruffled florets in formal placement with 23 buds on a 24” flowerhead.
L or M $



MISS MIDAS (Hartline ’08)(314) 80 days 
Heavy ruffled medium yellow with deeper yellow lip petals. Opens 11 in formal placement with 27 buds on a 31” plus flowerheads. Has all the qualities to become a top ten show glad and without a doubt superb cutflower. Get the Midas touch.
L or M $



PURE POETRY (Hartline ’09)(435) 80 days 
Pure beauty is the color of this glad. A bright orangey salmon on the outer petals that blend into light yellow inner petals that are tipped with orange salmon again. Opens 9 heavy substanced florets in formal placement with 23 buds on a 26” flowerhead.
L or M $4.



SASSY (Hartline ’09)(315) 79 days 
Selected as an All-America glad in 2007. With substance like wax this beautiful medium yellow with a tinge of light rose on the outer tips and a striking red blotch on the lower three lip petals to go along with this a red feathering on the upper petals. Opens 8 ruffled heavy substanced florets with 23 buds on a 26”-27” flowerhead, A tremendous novelty cutflower.
00 M-$2.00